Event & Performance Coverage

We love to cover music and performance at Lab Rat.

It was a tremendous pleasure to record a performance by Jazz legend Kahil El’Zabar and his (New) Ethnic Heritage Ensemble. The event was at Artiszen Cultural Arts Center in Vallejo, CA. There was no opportunity to come to the performance early or do a proper sound check, but we put down a Rode NT-4 single point stereo mic. recorded into a Tascam DR-60D and a Zoom H4n for extra coverage as there was no time to set up more. Filmed with two cameras on tripods and one on  a CAME Single 3-axis stabilizer to capture some roaming shots. Hamiet Bluiett is on Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute and Craig Harris on Digeridoo. The event was presented by Joetter Tizzonne and Jazz Remedy.

Here is a recent benefit concert we covered:

Dear Marc, I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did in filming our concert. You proved yourself the consummate professional. You ironically managed to, in  a concert celebrating, in an event celebrating a small miracle to among other things, do something miraculous. The concert was sold out, the room packed, space was nowhere to be found. Nevertheless you managed to unobtrusively carve out space for multiple cameras and have direct connection to the sound board. In the end you produced a wonderful and evocative video of the concert one that I am proud to show to anyone. Your coming early and setting up, the comfortable sound checks and the obvious high quality of your equipment compel me to recommend you to any individual or group looking to film their event. I certainly hope you will be at all my future events. — Doug Cort — event organizer and musician

Edited Multi-Cam Event Coverage (sample from full coverage)

Quality is First – Lab Rat Pictures will never stick you with hard to watch single camera coverage of an event or performance like some content producers do. Viewers don’t want to look at hours of sea sickness inducing footage from one camera that moves constantly. We cut between two or three camera angles to provide a complete and professional result. We also pay special attention to sound capture and mixing, recording from multiple ambient sources (and the board if applicable) for the best final audio mix possible. Whether the final destination for your media is television, internet or disc we will make you look your best. We are happy to provide performance excerpts like the one above, which are very useful for online promotion and social media.



Forum, Meeting & Conference Coverage

We are also happy to provide coverage of meetings, debates or conferences. In this coverage of a local school board candidates forum LRP provided all the audio and lighting for the event as well as two camera video coverage. Lit this with three  LED panels which have the advantage of being lightweight enough to place well above the stage on stands. The venue was dead dark prior to our lighting it.

OK. This is not art. It’s more like C-Span. A clear watchable record of the proceedings.


 Our coverage of  the Visions of the Wild Festival Concert held by the US Forest Service in Vallejo,CA to honor the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act.

  • Marc Garman and his video production team did an amazing job for us during the Visions of the Wild Festival. We hired him to shoot a variety of venues over multiple days.  He was always in the right place at the right time with high quality coverage.  In addition to the video recording, he provided post-production services for one of the multi-camera events.  He provided great value for the service and we found him easy to work with.  As a filmmaker myself, I appreciate Marc’s skill and dedication to his craft. – Steve Dunsky, US Forest Service documentary filmmaker and event organizer