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Lab Rat Pictures offers complete video production services for television and internet. We can also provide video coverage for most types of events from live performances to corporate gatherings.


With a strong background in still photography and motion we have an extensive knowledge and understanding of how to control an image with light and a wide array of optics. We are largely using the micro four thirds system which incorporates the most versatile and adaptable lens mount on the market today. This system allows the use of modern proprietary lenses for tack sharp incredibly detailed images in both full HD and for 4k acquisition. However, by using vintage and specialty lenses almost any look can be created. Soft and dreamy images with older glass can provide the the right look for the subject matter. Extremely fast (f .095) lensing can be employed for extreme low light shooting or to separate the subject from the background which is especially useful for narrative.

In addition to high quality and 4K image capture, we are both skilled and committed to recording and mastering the highest quality audio for your project. Recording both in camera and to a second system with the right microphone or wireless unit for the job allows us to mix both isolated and ambient sound.


Effective visual storytelling is the key to communicating your message over the internet or for broadcast. With a combined range of experience in advertising and copy writing as well as photography and news coverage, the team at Lab Rat Pictures has a unique set of skills. We are inventive and bring a unique perspective to the work, while never forgetting to listen to the client.

We are prepared to work with you at every step of the process to develop the right vehicle to carry your message. Whether you need something whimsical and playful or serious we can create a high quality media vehicle to deliver your message at a rate that makes sense.



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