News – Documentary – Activism

This was a  piece done in collaboration with the Vallejo community to encourage a movie studio to consider moving to town.


Sometimes a character study just writes itself. Fishing with Reggie — portrait of a local waterfront hero!


Field experience shooting chaos under stressful circumstances builds stamina and composure for field productions. And you don’t see a fire tornado every day.


A protest rally over the captivity of marine mammals. First one shot in 4k with a Panasonic Gh4 for HD delivery. This is our standard workflow now.


Highlights from the funeral of Vallejo Police Officer James Capoot.


A Vallejo Fire Department training exercise. By wrapping a tiny Panasonic GM1 in a fireproof  hood it was possible to capture footage in a room with an ambient temperature in excess of 300 degrees. There are definitely times when a small camera with a relatively large sensor is a good thing. Bigger isn’t always better.


Once again, working with small and maneuverable equipment allows for unobtrusive field work.


Media can be an effective tool in activism. This video was featured on Bay Area channel 11 and did get results: nbc 11 story


Skittles is a street corner dancer with the moves. Shot with a pocket camera just because the opportunity presented itself.