TV Commercials

Our most recent ad.

Can you really play baseball with a bazooka? The answer is YES…especially if you are at the Victory Store Army-Navy-Surplus store in Vallejo! Had great fun writing, filming and creating this bit of slapschtick with David Dinelli, Chris Owens and Kevin Reilly of the Vallejo Admirals Baseball team…not to mention Ray, Wayne, Joe and the rest of the crew at Victory. VFX were accomplished in Hitfilm Pro and show particle effects and motion tracking. Didn’t try to sell the fire and whatnot as real life…its slapstick fun after all!

I recently had the pleasure of working with comedian Will Durst to create the first in a series of advertisements for the Empress Theatre in downtown Vallejo.

Another spot for Vallejo’s Victory Stores starring veteran actor and comedian Michael Pritchard and “Spinny” from the Harlem Globe Trotters

The local Chamber of Commerce wanted to market a commercial space adjacent to their new offices. Potentially not the most exciting thing to make an ad for…so we came up with a concept to jazz it up!

Actor and comedian Matt Larson played the “Real Estate Spy” with just the right amount of Austin Powers-ish cool absurdity to draw the viewer in and propel the message.


An explosive Irishman, a recognizable icon like The Unknown Comic and some local talent set to a feel-good soundtrack followed by a little Death Metal and fast paced edits make this spot for the Going…Going Gong Show  held at Vallejo CA’s Empress Theatre dynamic and fun.


This spot for the Vallejo Waterfront Weekend has a lot of moving parts. The challenge was to put all of the various activities together into one spot that has all the information and says FUN!! Lots of green screen and animation to create the look and convey the zaniness. And yes, that is Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis getting splashed at the end.

Here is a look behind the scenes: Green, Wet & Messy


Here is a spot for Vallejo’s very own professional baseball team, The Admirals. We had to fight pooping honking geese, lawn mowers, difficult light and come up with a simple concept  to make this happen, not to mention the 72 hour sudden death turn around. Straightforward and simple spot on the air three days after concept development.


Concept to completion by Lab Rat. Costumes and props provided by the client. These guys are Steam Punks. They have lots of stuff!! Professor and his assistant shot in 4k and cut with footage from 2 years of coverage of the event shot HD. Voiceover by Trevor Allen at Black Box Theatre.


Christmas ad  for Victory Army Navy. Starring actor and comedian Michael Pritchard. Green screen shot and a whirlwind of activity!


One of a series for Public Employees Union Local 1. Produced with IPI Media in Sacramento. Copy and concept work by Cres Vellucci at IPI.


Ad for Vallejo, CA July 4 fireworks fundraiser. With Rich Curtola, CEO Vallejo Chamber of Commerce and shot at Gracie’s Restaurant.


And here’s one from the Mad Hatter Holiday Parade in Vallejo, CA.  Through the Looking Glass!